After building up a long career, Adrián Marín presents us with Mextizo. For Adrián, Mextizo represents a life-project that blends Mexico with his home-region, allowing him to show you the skills honed over the years he spent behind kitchen counters. You cannot talk about Adrián Marín without talking about quality food. Adrián is a solid chef, for whom a good table service is as important as the food at his restaurant.

Adrián Marín started cooking at the age of 17, when he worked in a bakery in his home-town. During his formative years he worked with great names like Santi Santamaría, Fermí Puig or Martín Berasategui. But now the concept created by the chef is different one. The gastronomical bet of Adrián Marín in Mextizo is the concept of a “Mexditerranean cuisine”: paella-style rices, barbecue grills and Mexican-style food as signature dishes.

After creating new concepts in Mexico, after having run different restaurants in DF such as Jerónimo or Emilio in the last years and after falling in love with Mexico and Mexican people, Adrián Marín returned to Barcelona to give life to Mextizo. Adrián chose Barcelona because he knows its people and the region, having worked here for fourteen years at restaurants such as Drolma, Can Fabes, Majestic Hotel Group, Dry Martini Barcelona and others. The Mexditerranean concept started at the coast of Barcelona, and is founded in eating well, chosing local produce from the Mediterranean and a friendly quality service.

Adrián launched Mextizo from the combination of Barcelona’s Avant-Garde, the good paella-style rices from his hometown Castellón, the traditional Basque barbecue grills and the freshness of the Mexican cuisine. It is his most personal project, an incredible and unique place that invites you to eat well and live despacito.